Monozukuri Standards

OGK’s principles: Manufacture products that warm people’s hearts

Craftsmanship for a comfortable cycling experience

Features aimed at safe, comfortable use, and convenience. Robust yet attractive design to be people’s long-lasting favorite bicycle. OGK aims to manufacture bicycles that meet the lifestyle of a wide range of customers, from families who want to ride with children to sporty, city rides.

Manufacturing by taking advantage of the characteristics of plastics,
which are resistant to impacts, sturdy, and hard to deteriorate

Material for OGK products does not contain metals. Almost all parts are made of plastics.
One of the main reasons is due to safety. If metals are used for bicycle parts including child seats, which are often exposed to rain and wind, safety is greatly affected should they become rusted. Furthermore, making them completely of plastics not only makes them far lighter than metals, but also makes them moderately flexible, improving comfort of use.

Safety design paying attention up to the smallest details
to protect soft children’s skin

Child seats, which are for children aged 1 to 5 years old, have all edges of parts rounded to reduce as much as possible the probability of things being caught as well as reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision and the like. Furthermore, child seats are equipped with a safety belt to attach the child seat to the bicycle body and keep it in place even if the luggage carrier to which the child seat is installed breaks by accident.

Ergonomics-based design and
attractiveness-based design to appeal to the sensitivity

OGK has an in-house design team since the 1990s; the design team combines “ergonomics” and “sensitivity” in the search for products appealing from both aspects. OGK works to design products that enrich people’s lives with original ideas, by pondering the meaning of a new concept and existence of an item. Amid the current trend of offshoring the production of bicycle parts, it is OGK’s principle to show the true value of “Japanese craftsmanship” without entering into a cheap price war.

Strong craftsmanship,
a result of a close-knit team

In OGK, the Development, Engineering, and Mold departments work side-by-side on the same floor. This is to enable immediate consultation among the three departments should a technical question or need for advice arises in the design stage. Furthermore, the collaboration between Engineering and Mold allows for shorter in-house operation process and cost reduction, enabling further progress on all fronts. This is a strong point of OGK, where practically everything, from development to manufacturing is kept in-house.
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