Technological Innovation

Technological prowess to build on innovations and defy industry norms

A pioneer with top market share

Always attentive to the latest up-and-coming technologies, nurturing friendly competition with expert, collaborating resin material manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, and others. Relentless technological innovation makes us a leading company with top market share

Creating diverse products using plastics, a universal material replacing metals

Light yet strong, and above all rustproof, plastics have two characteristics: thermosetting that hardens them as they are heated, and thermoplasticity that softens them as they are heated. In combining the two, it is possible to achieve hardness like steel as well as softness like rubber. OGK’s technological prowess allowed it to create diverse products by taking advantage of these characteristics.

There is no progress without change
Imagination and creativity free from preconceptions and conventions

Not succumbing to preconceptions and conventions that say something is “impossible”, and the awareness that “there is no progress without change” are shared across the company, from top management to rank and file employees. This is the source of OGK’s strength. Not satisfied with a hot-selling product, OGK continues improving and renewing thinking outside the box. OGK is not afraid of terminating products that are not in tune with the times; rather, such renewal is frequent at OGK.

Making the world a better place with technology
OGK’s wish in its name

OGK develops technologies by always bearing in mind whether or not they are good for society. OGK wants to use technology not only to bring comfort to customers’ lives, but also contribute to society by reducing manufacturing costs. When renaming the company name from “Osaka Grip Kako (Osaka Grip MFG. Co., Ltd. in English)” to “OGK Giken (OGK Co., Ltd. in English)”, the person who added “Giken=Technology” to OGK was Keiu Kimura, OGK’s second president to embed OGK’s pride in manufacturing and technology in its company name.
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